Concept for a better online learning environment.

Welcome to my concept for a new Pinkka – the University of Helsinki's species database and learning tool.

While studying forest ecology, there have been endless lists to memorize. Plants, trees, mammals, birds, insects, mushrooms, even molds. And so many languages! Finnish, Latin, English of course, as I have to know these things in own native language, and sometimes even Swedish pops up.

So I began coding database collections of these various items, and gathering photos, links and information. I love illustrations from 19th century biology books like Köhler's Medicinal Plants. Copyright free in the public domain, they are fun to work with. There are tons of resources across the internet, highly specialized and full of information, but what I really needed, was a tool to consolidate these things in one place for easy review.

If you're interested in this tool for your own purposes, please see Development.

And of course Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks!